Easy Ways to Fold and Organize Kids’ Clothes!

Learning to fold clothes neatly is a useful skill that requires good hand-eye co-ordination. It is also great for children’s mathematics. We want to do so much for our kids, but its more important to enable them to stand on their own feet and not involving our kids in household chores is doing more harm than good… honestly! I’ve met many a mother who expects their daughters to help in the household chores while their sons are brushed away for fear they’ll massacre the equipment.

It’s high time we involve our son’s too in household activities not only for ourselves but for their own well being.

One method I found useful is storing clothing in drawers, folded into rectangles that can easily stand up vertically, instead of piling clothes on top of each other. So, I dedicated two dresser drawers for each child’s clothing – one for tops and bottoms and one for pyjamas, socks, and undies. And the best part is that my kids can easily see all of their clothes and pick what they want to wear without disrupting the whole storage system. They can also easily put away all of their own laundry. I can’t believe how much more storage space we have in their room now, just from folding their clothing in a different way!

Kids will likely need some help and motivation to complete these laundry chores. These chores are not intended to be done independently by your child, even after they’ve learned the appropriate skills. I’ve found it works best to work beside your child folding your own laundry as they work on folding theirs. Also this can be turned into a game such as who folds the most number of clothes within a time-span. After a few rounds of practice my son was able to fold 3 Tshirts in 30 seconds.  And he has learnt how to swiftly arrange his clothes in the process. Am sure this skill will come in handy at times. 

Instead of piling your tees on top of one another and then rummaging through the stack every time you’re looking for your favorite, use this trick. It fills the drawer more efficiently and lets you see your entire collection at once. 

Compress them into tiny rolls :This compact method reduces your T-shirt collection to the size of sock by turning the bottom half inside-out.

Fold jeans four times:
It might feel like overkill, but this super condensed way of folding jeans allows you to store ’em horizontally and pack more pants into each drawer.

Minimize bulky sweaters: Hanging your coziest knits stretches out the shoulders, but there’s not denying they’re total drawer hogs. Try folding the sides in so all your sweaters have the same width — they’ll stack more easily that way.

When clothing and linens are folded well, you can organize your closets and drawers better and save space. Plus, everything will look tidy, and you’ll prevent wrinkles. From shirts and dresses to fitted sheets and towels, most fabric items can benefit from a tight and neat fold. 

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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