Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home!

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When considered with care, the walls of our homes and offices form the foundation of any decorating scheme and impart a finished look. They can also dramatically transform a space, lending inspiration, travel goals, creative vibes or sleek sophistication, depending on your preference and how you approach them. When it comes to dressing up the walls in your home, there exists a wide range of options including fabric, molding, paint, art, murals, motifs and more.

Being a digital content creator, I often work from home and recently set out to redesign my work-space. While including plants and hand crafted decor elements, I was looking out for some stunning wall decor ideas that would be quick to implement and cost effective. That’s when I came across www.photowall.global and discovered dramatic ways to transform plain walls with a graphic application of a stunning wallpaper design that expresses a person’s unique personal style – whether your style veers toward whimsical floral scenes or contemporary geometric grids. Photowall makes top-quality wall decor that can spruce up any room. You can choose from thousands of motifs from our entire range or create and order wallpaper and prints with your own designs.

Since I was looking for something quick to implement, I decided to select a large canvas print and honestly felt spoilt for choice with prints Van Gogh Paintings and other great artists to contemporary and surreal designs.
Their canvas prints are offered in many sizes, all the way up to 59 inches in height and width and is accompanied with DIY inner frame which makes it quick and easy to assemble. After browsing through many designs, I finalized and placed an order for ‘Deers In Dreamy Forest‘.
The order was shipped within 2 days and I received it safely packaged all the way from Sweden to Bangalore in less than a weeks time.

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Let’s get creative with wall decor!✨

For more info Visit www.instagram.com/photowall_sweden/

Image credits: https://www.photowall.global/

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