How to organize a mess free cooking with kids

I am delighted to welcome Natasha Ramsay in this guest post. Dinner has to be served but you have kids and making it on time seems like an impossible task? Here is an idea – involve your children into the cooking process. Cooking is always fun for children if you give them the right tasks to do. Depending on their age, they can do different … Continue reading How to organize a mess free cooking with kids

How to Fulfill Your #OneWeddingWish

A wedding marks a milestone in the life of two individuals as a couple. It is the beginning of a lifetime journey to experience and nurture new things together. Most of us prefer to celebrate this special occasion in grandeur with our family and friends, which sometimes becomes an expensive affair. Speaking from my own experience, my wedding wish was to go on an exotic honeymoon – the memories of … Continue reading How to Fulfill Your #OneWeddingWish

Micro Nutrient Deficiency: A Macro Problem

In India, mothers generally focus on the physical growth of a child and not the overall brain development and immunity levels. The diet normally followed in Indian households is rich in macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, supporting only physical growth but lack in micro nutrients, which is necessary for overall mental and brain development. Gaps in daily nutrition with nutritional quality lead to nutrient … Continue reading Micro Nutrient Deficiency: A Macro Problem Buy Original Paintings Online is a leading Online Art Gallery with a collection of more than 4,000 original paintings & drawings, created & exhibited by 1000 artists worldwide. If you are looking for an original painting signed by an artist, then Gallerist is the right place to buy from. Paintings exhibited on Gallerist are by artists, who are verified by Gallerist team to assure you the right quality & price. The site is user … Continue reading Buy Original Paintings Online

When we create we become more alive!

Who doesn’t feel ‘restless’ or ‘bored’ when in a stagnant situation or a fixed routine? The good news is that restlessness can be channelized into doing something creative like writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs, playing music or even cooking, everyday! And in the process of creating something new, you may find that you have a flair or a talent that was hidden deep inside you … Continue reading When we create we become more alive!

Get your kids involved in housework

A guest post by Daisy Murphy – a  London based writer and entrepreneur. Involving a child in the housework is a difficult task for many parents. Although children are pretty curious and like learning new things, they know very well how to escape from the unpleasant duties. However, where there is a will, there is a way and if you are determined to teach your kid … Continue reading Get your kids involved in housework

The extraordinary Tata Hexa #HexaExperience

A few days ago, Tata Motors kicked-off the ‘Hexa Experience Centre’ initiative in Bangalore for prospective customers and enthusiasts to get a first-hand experience of the Tata Hexa, which will be launched in January 2017. I was excited to receive an invite from Indiblogger and attended the event at the White Orchid Convention Centre, Bangalore . The Venue The venue was a hub of activity … Continue reading The extraordinary Tata Hexa #HexaExperience

A Sock Subscription for a great twist on the most predictable of gifts!

Buying presents for men at Christmas can be a tricky business and if you are looking for great twist on the most predictable of gifts, then checkout The London Sock Exchange – a sock subscription for men featuring exclusive British designs which are curated, coupled with styling notes and delivered through letterboxes once every quarter. Once you sign up, they send you three pairs of socks every quarter. … Continue reading A Sock Subscription for a great twist on the most predictable of gifts!