A Fun and Easy Father’s Day Craft for Kids

Make Dad’s day extra-special this year with this Father’s Day craft. Young kids will need help from an adult to make this unique cut using card stock. Materials Required: Card stock Markers Stickers Scissors & paper clips Here’s the step-by-step process: 1. My Son and I are creating this cut out free hand, so our first step is to draw a mock up on paper and … Continue reading A Fun and Easy Father’s Day Craft for Kids

An Adorable Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

This simple, precious chalk art card can be a gift that Mom will treasure forever. Materials Used: Card stock (Black color) OOLY Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons STEPS: Cut out the card stock into dimensions of your choice Use chalk crayons to draw/write a message and create a personalized card for Mom Here is what my 4 year old created. Kids can also write messages like, “What … Continue reading An Adorable Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

When we create we become more alive!

Who doesn’t feel ‘restless’ or ‘bored’ when in a stagnant situation or a fixed routine? The good news is that restlessness can be channelized into doing something creative like writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs, playing music or even cooking, everyday! And in the process of creating something new, you may find that you have a flair or a talent that was hidden deep inside you … Continue reading When we create we become more alive!

DIY Valentine’s Day Ornaments

It’s so much fun to infuse little handmade elements to make the decor and gifts extra special. Today I’m sharing some of my handmade Valentine’s Day Ornaments for inspiration. Material required: Card stock or cardboard – cut out heart shapes Acrylic paints- to paint the shapes in colors of your choice Markers/ Gel pens/ Crayons – to doodle designs onto the shapes A hole punch Ribbons or … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Ornaments

The jewels of the pen world!

“Gel pen” is a type of ballpoint pen which uses pigmented water-based gel instead of ink. They are used for writing or illustration and they leave much stronger mark on the surface than pens that use ink. Glitter gel ink pens can be called the jewels of the pen world, for they contain shimmering ink to add a sparkling finishing touch to artwork. Today, I’m … Continue reading The jewels of the pen world!

Holiday Art Journaling

Art journaling is play, exploration & experimentation wrapped into one. It’s about doing an unstructured form of art in a  handmade sketchbook or a store-bought art journal or sketchbook. When you open your art journal, you get to play like a little kid again, using paint, imagery, typography, even some pixie dust glitter. I’m getting into the artistic holiday spirit with a holiday art journal –  incorporating … Continue reading Holiday Art Journaling

DIY holiday cards and more for kids

Why not make some fun and creative cards and decor this holiday season to add a beautiful, personalized touch to your holiday décor? Here are few easy and cute ones that all the family can join in and help kids create their own holiday cards and decor. My son (3 years old) created these cards with a little direction from me using the  Fresh Pick Scented Neon … Continue reading DIY holiday cards and more for kids

Every child is an artist!

Do you have a little one that loves to be creative? To keep their hands and minds busy? My post today is very special as I’m sharing pages from my 3 year old creative son’s sketchbook which he has created over the last couple of months. A Rainbow  created using Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons Strokes created using Chunkies paint sticks Strokes created using Stars of the … Continue reading Every child is an artist!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Creative Friends!

We’ve officially entered the holiday season and if you have creative kids and friends, you can gift them inspiring products that might result in their best work. These gifts for creative children and adults who regularly engage in creative thinking, will ensure productive brainstorm sessions well into the New Year. That’s our stocking – lets see what it holds for our artsy friends! The Stars of … Continue reading Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Creative Friends!