Kitchen Chores for Kids!

You teach them to read. You teach them to look both ways before crossing the street … and to be kind to others, and to brush their teeth before bed. But have you taught your kids how to do the dishes?
We want to do so much for our kids, but its more important to enable them to stand on their own feet and not involving our kids in household chores is doing more harm than good… honestly!

I’ve met many a mother who expects their daughters to help in the household chores while their sons are brushed away.
It’s high time we involve our son’s too in household activities not only for ourselves but for their own well being.

My little one helping arrange the dishes.

One task which is rather seen as mundane is to teach kids to do the dishes so that they have all the necessary skills far before the time they leave home.

Washing dishes seems like a never-ending chore. Children who are trained properly can be a big help at washing dishes. Whether you are teaching your children to use a dishwasher or wash dishes by hand, the best way to start is with scraping and rinsing. Once a child reaches a certain skill or age level, he can generally do the chores for his age group.
Even five-to-six-year olds can be taught how to scrape and rinse their plates. Seven-to-eight-year olds can help with drying and putting away dishes. By age nine, kids are ready to learn how to wash different types of dishes or load a dishwasher. Be sure to teach safety principles.

Cleaning up after oneself is an important life skill – something that every child should learn, not just to endear themselves to future roommates or spouses, but to feel like a contributing member of the family unit. Children may grumble at first, but ultimately, they want to be useful.

Don’t underestimate your little ones! As a parent, you will know when your child is ready to take an active role in cleaning tasks in the home. At the appropriate age, you may want to introduce them to dish washing detergent – whether you use a single-load packets, powder or gel. Remind them that the cleanser is not a toy and not something they should put in their mouths or eyes. And they should always read and follow the directions on the label and wash their hands after handling any cleaning product.

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