Setting up a Montessori inspired toddler room!

 I am delighted to welcome Vinaya Ambadekar in this guest post.

As I was struggling to sail through the famous terrible twos with my toddler and trying to juggle multiple things, I came across a lot of How TO’s 😊

One thing I was trying really hard to do with my daughter was, to establish a routine and discipline. Most of my efforts found no results and we would be back to a messy room, house, which was frustrating.

At that time, a friend recommended a book on Montessori How To Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori way by Tim Seldin. My first reaction was, ‘Oh! another How To book! It’s not gonna help!”… but since I was gifted the book, I started going through it and I really liked the simple tips on how to organize a kid’s room.

I first started off with reviewing stuff like clothes, toys, that my daughter didn’t really use or had grown out of. I was surprised to see how much space that created in my small Mumbai apartment. While it was easy to get rid of some stuff, it wasn’t practical and feasible to move fixed furniture. So, I had to use it creatively, of course with some trial and error.  I started off with converting my worktable to her art and craft area!


The small drawers are helpful to store the art-craft material.


For storing her color pencils, crayons etc., I used simple transparent jars. The best part of kid’s material is that just displaying it plain and simple adds a dash of color! With this kind of arrangement, it’s right in front of your eyes, and kids can access it easily.


One morning, when she entered the room she noticed this transformation of the work table and was delighted to find all her crayons, pencils very handy! Since then without any instructions she very happily uses the table as her craft area!

Montesorri recommends open racks to display toys and games so children can easily see and pick what they want.


Though I loved the idea, I had limited space beyond my wardrobes and cupboards.  I used the lower racks of my worktable cupboard to store her toys.


Like transparent jars, I also used transparent bags, pouches to store toys with multiple pieces.


To my surprise my daughter noticed these changes and positively reacted, “Wow! This looks so neat!”
I am relieved to see that putting things back in their place has become much smoother with gentle coaxing unlike the earlier struggle. 😊

Another recommendation they have is to keep furniture or any material suitable for kid’s size, so that they can do things with little help. I brought back my older low height single bed/diwan as her bed. It perfectly fit next to the corner window in her room, and was just the right height for her. Our bedtime story by this window watching the moon, is a fond ritual we both look forward to!

Her soft toys came out of the toy box to greet her for the birthday!

These changes made more open space for her to move around the room and she spends more time playing in her room by herself!


I always look for some nice pictures, paintings or Knick knacks to decorate her room. The idea of looking in her own art craft really appealed to me.
When I framed a few of her color dabbles, and hung up some of the craft she did, it looked lovely! When she saw her own work framed and showcased, her pretty eyes gleamed with pride and joy!


Her room is slowly taking shape and the struggle between her autonomy and my parental control is slightly lesser… all thanks to Montessori tips!

By  Vinaya Ambadekar

Mum to a 3 year old and an art explorer at heart, Vinaya is a User Experience Architect and Researcher by profession. More than a decade long IT career, had taken her away from hands on art and craft. When her little bundle of energy arrived, she connected her back to the beautiful world of art! Besides keeping up with the time-zone differences with her team across the continent, she loves to explore various fun, creative yet development focused activities for her daughter. Her interest in psychology also pushes her to find the WHY behind the HOW, and that’s why Montessori appealed to her.

7 thoughts on “Setting up a Montessori inspired toddler room!

  1. This is a lovely post, we have also started working towards Montessori ideas and have recently made changes to our son’s room. I agree that with these changes kids get interested to play in their room.

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