How To Create a Mixed Media Altered Picture Frame in 5 Easy Steps!

Good day Y’all!
Today, I’m sharing an interesting DIY Altered Picture Frame tutorial in few easy steps.

Step 1: I’m altering a wooden picture frame and I’ve assembled a few knick knacks to go on this mixed media project.


Step 2: Compose the elements on the frame and adhere them using a strong glue.


Step 3: Paint a coat of black gesso all over the frame to make it jet black and let dry.


Step 4: Spray gold alcohol splash in colour of your choice and let dry. I have used ‘black soot’.


Step 5: This step is all about playing with colours. My goal is to achieve a vintage distressed appearance and I’ve used various shades of tinted metallic paints to highlight elements.


After some experimentation with metallic paints – this is the final result!
The last step is to apply a coat of varnish to the project.


Here is a box crafted the same way as the steps mentioned above.


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5 thoughts on “How To Create a Mixed Media Altered Picture Frame in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. I love how the metallic colors pop against the black of the gesso! I’m a lover of all things metallic anyways by this is gorgeous. I love how you let the colors be the focal point of the mixed media piece. What type of metallic paints did you use and what is the color of them because they are gorgeous and cohesive. If you could tell me the colorway because I have a project with a similar feel to it, Mardi Gras meets vintage chic… I think this is perfect! Great job! Beautiful piece!

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