Climate change is for real! Can I help nature to help us?

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. Global warming and climate change issues are perhaps the greatest threat to our planet. Let’s ponder over this subject:

Is the climate of the entire Earth really changing?
Yes! Earth has been getting warmer at a fast pace.
Global climate is the average climate over the entire planet. And the reason for concern is that Earth’s global climate is changing. Our planet is warming up faster than at any time scientists know about from their studies of Earth’s entire history.

Do we care if Earth is getting warmer?
Yes, we care! Earth is our spaceship which carries us on a 583-million-mile cruise around the Sun every year. Earth has a magnetic field that protects us from killer radiation and brutal solar wind. For its life-support system, Earth has all the air, water, and food we need. Just like astronauts on a long space voyage, we need to monitor all our “ship’s” vital functions and keep our Earth “ship shape.”

What is making Earth’s climate warmer?
Scientists have discovered that humans are causing this warming.
When we burn coal, oil, gas (fossil fuels) to generate electricity or drive our cars, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, where it traps heat. A carbon molecule that comes from fossil fuels and deforestation is “lighter” than the combined signal of those from other sources. As scientists measure the “weight” of carbon in the atmosphere over time they see a clear increase in the lighter molecules from fossil fuel and deforestation sources that correspond closely to the known trend in emissions.

What can we do to slow down or stop the warming?
We can all take notice of our environment. We can learn how our planet works. We can learn how to live on it without making a mess of it. We can help to keep it magnificent for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and other living things besides us.

These are questions I ask myself and you should too!

How can I reduce my “carbon footprint”?
How can I reduce my trash pile?
How can I save water?
How can I make a real difference?
How can I help nature to help us?

For folks living in the urban areas, garden space is a challenge but one simple actionable step is to  raise an organic garden in the terrace/patio to tackle the effects of climate change. It lets you save some money too.

Today, I’m sharing with you – few pictures of my home garden which my Parents set up.
In the hustling city center of Bangalore, I am privileged to live in an independent house with garden space and a large terrace. I do not take my privileges for granted and I definitely do not take my planet Earth for granted!


Aloe vera

Jade and Cactus


Herbs and Ginger


Passion Fruit
garden7garden1Coconuts and Mangoes

If you haven’t yet taken a dig at gardening, hope this post has inspired you to take your first step to plant a sapling in a pot in the garden/terrace or balcony.
You can gradually expand to grow vegetables and fruits – your very own organic garden.

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Disclaimer: Information about climate change featured in this post has been sourced from and

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