Featured Artist: Charu Jain

About this new feature on Al Things Beautiful:

A couple of months back, I stumbled upon an interview of Sizzix Designer Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and was very impressed wither journey and message. And I thought to myself, why not feature some of my extremely creative friends on my blog. That was how the door to guest posting on Al Things Beautiful began and today, I’m humbled to take this further by featuring an artist – sharing their journey and spreading the positive vibes, creativity and inspiration.

Friends, I am privileged to introduce and welcome Charu Jain in the very first ‘Featured Artist’ post on Al Things Beautiful. I first got to know Charu when both of us were selected as Design Team members for the India’s biggest hobby brand ItsyBitsy. When I saw her watercolor paintings, it was awe and love at first sight! Ever since, we have exchanged warm, cheerful conversations and when I requested her for this feature, she gracefully accepted 😊

Over to Charu….

spotlight_badgeAbout Charu:

Hello friends! I am Charu Jain, An explorer and a creator from an early age. I was born in a big family in Sewagram land of Gandhi’s ashram where he taught precious lessons of peace and non-violence. I am now based in Bangalore with my family in India.

I’m a mom to two adorable kids and I still have my imaginary world of my own where I imagine pixies, elves and other whimsical characters Since childhood, I was fascinated by colours and wonderful characters in the storybooks. I remember how my dad used to bring me lot of books. I used to observe and draw the characters from the book.

I have done my graduation in Microbiology and diploma in Interior Design. I am a self-taught traditional artist and I am very passionate about art. I have always been encouraged and supported by my mom and family to be more creative. I regularly create a colour-inspired, whimsical world of my own for daily practice and also for commissioned work. I run an Etsy store and my work has found a home in many places across the globe.


Charu’s creative journey:

I picked up my brush and colour again when I was expecting my second child and since then I have never left my tools! Painting has become like a daily ritual, a meditation or say an Art Therapy for me. I can’t imagine my life without Art and am blessed to see world in a colorful perspective.

I love to draw birds, trees, landscapes and flowers. Nature has always inspired me to draw and paint. I keep my colours and sketch book handy so that I can draw from nature and life. Watercolour is my favourite medium because I love the way it moves on the paper, it’s beauty lies in its transparency. Some of my favourite techniques are watercolour and ink, splattering, washes, wet on wet, and hand lettering. I am also working on different types of study in watercolour which is very important to enhance your work like negative study, tonal values, light and shadow.


I have a page named Watercolor by Charu where people share their views on my work.One very touching comment was from a lady from the US who was struggling from a dreadful disease and she said, “Your paintings gives me immense joy and pleasure- they are therapeutic.”


Another lady who had lost her husband wrote to me, “Your paintings and colors de-stress me. It’s like a meditation for me!”

These kind words keep me motivated to do better and better in my work, I feel a life is not enough to learn art. Art is huge and vast and m still a keen and voracious learner! Keep working hard, keep following your dreams I am still doing that!


Charu’s creative accomplishments:

In 2015, my dream was realised when I had the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book named Ten Zany Birds with Sherry Ellis. The book has been greatly reviewed by authors and publishers and got a five star rating on Amazon! Ten Zany Birds was awarded an honourable mention in the Education category of the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards!

I am honoured to be a Design Team member for 2017-2018 at Itsy bitsy.

unnamed (3).jpg

For many years now, I have been participating In ChitraSanthe which is one of the biggest annual art fairs in India.


This year I also started taking workshop which gives me immense pleasure to share my knowledge with others.


I’ve also had the opportunity to design stamps for Mudra which have been well received.


Charu’s message:

Art has always inspired me to be myself and believe in my dreams. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my story. I would love to hear from you!

Good Day!


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