DIY Chalkboard Accent Wall that kids will love!

A chalkboard wall is something that entertains the kids – they can draw, colour and explore their creativity and it’s better for the environment than using paper after paper.

I recently incorporated a chalkboard wall into our home for son to doodle on. The first part of the chalkboard wall was trying to figure out just the right space in the house for it. I chose this accent wall which is in a great central location were I was sure it would get a lot of use.


Step 1
I roughly outlined a rectangle area to paint on and my son did the painting using Home Decor Chalk Paint (Charcoal) from Itsy Bitsy


Step 2
We used masking tape to achieve a triangular roof with a chimney for the chalkboard shape. We applied 3 coats of paint and let dry between each coat (this process take a while).


Step 3
The chalkboard is now ready and we used a few floral embellishments and began dooding with chalk.


Our family now has a fun place to play and draw!


Hope you enjoyed this post.



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