Let’s take it outside!

The season of summer brings a natural feeling of fun and relaxation and is the perfect time to be creative in the activities you do with your kids. School is out and you have time to be together. It’s this time of the year we plan our family vacations and knowing the Benefits of connecting children with nature, we decided to go on nature walks and trekking to admire and be inspired by the all that nature offers.


Trek to Mullayanagiri peak in Karnataka, India




We stayed in a cosy homestay at Chikmaglur and went on early morning nature walks.


A path strewn with flowers


A bamboo water feature


A lotus pond


An antique grinding stone


A Thatched Umbrella


Natural shapes and forms


Just like a vitamin, contact with nature and green environments is needed in regular doses.
The positive impacts of connecting children with nature include:

• Supports creativity and problem solving
• Enhances cognitive abilities
• Improves academic performance
• Reduces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms
• Increases physical activity
• Improves eyesight
• Improves social relations
• Improves self-discipline
• Reduces stress

The start of the month means another fun #CCBG craft challenge is here! This month our theme for creating a new project was CAMPING/ OUTDOORS.


Visit all these wonderfully creative projects by visiting the links below:

Try It Like It – Summer Camp Workbook
Life Beyond the Kitchen – Macrame Backpack Charms

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