A Unique Handwritten Gift Idea

Your handwritten wishes and heartfelt feelings shared with someone you care about is the most personal gift you can present to your dear ones. Here is a unique DIY personalized gift idea that is likely to be cherished by your loved ones.
You just need a grab few materials and follow 4 easy steps, and your gift is ready!

Materials required:


Step 1: Color the jar with a coat of black Acrylic paint or Chalkboard paint and let it dry.


Step 2: Write your personalized message on the jar using Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers



Step 3: Use the different colors of Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers to create dots, designs, patterns of your choice on the jar. I’ve kept it simple with lots of dots and a few heart shapes.


Step 4: Give the final touches, tie an embellishment like a ribbon or fabric around the neck of the jar and your personalized gift is ready.
This one serves as a multipurpose jar – You can use it as a flower vase or a pen holder or even to store something.



I also tried Art on rocks and Seashells following the same steps as above. The best thing I liked about the Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers is that even simple dots on black surface is enough to make the artwork pop.



Happy Crafting!

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