Let’s Do Laundry – Simple Tips to Teach Kids to #ShareTheLoad

We want to do so much for our kids, but its more important to enable them to stand on their own feet and not involving our kids in household chores is doing more harm than good… honestly! I’ve met many a mother who expects their daughters to help in the household chores while their sons are brushed away for fear they’ll massacre the equipment.

It’s high time we involve our son’s too in household activities not only for ourselves but for their own well being.
One task which is rather seen as mundane is to teach kids to do laundry so that they have all the necessary laundry skills far before the time they leave home.

Here are a few simple ways that I have found useful to help make laundry day stress-free for both me and my son!
We have a front loading washing machine and my son finds it fun to fill in the clothes to be washed from the sorting bin.

Step 1: Create a child-friendly laundry area.

Here are the items you will require:
-Sorting Bins
-Step Stool
-A detergent with an easy pour spout

Step 2. Teach them to use the washing machine. Every washing machine is so different, so you’ll have to customize your instructions based upon your machine. Make sure that they take the time to go through all the settings, buttons and explain how they all work and what they mean! Talk to them about the best choice of detergent.  Make sure you educate the kids on how to follow the recommended dosing instructions by matching the detergent amount with the load and soil level. 

Step 3: Teach them how you’d like them to arrange the clothes.  Here are some key points:

– How to turn socks, shirts, etc right side out.
– Pair socks
– Lay t-shirts out, so they won’t wrinkle.
– Pair pyjamas
– Folding shorts & pants

Step 4: Show them how to put the clothes away properly, taking one pile at a time, otherwise items end up being put away sloppy.

Don’t underestimate your little ones! I have been so impressed with my son! He’s loved having more responsibility and it’s so nice to have him be able to do at least some of the laundry in our house.

I like this video – I seriously want to cheer them!

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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