Lipa Land! A Family App That Will Make Learning Fun For Your Kids

Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids learning outside of the classroom. In a supervised environment, children as young as three or five are able to engage in learning activities using smartphones and tablets of all kinds. Games and activities that engage children in thinking skills like memory games, puzzles, spatial reasoning activities, nurturing skills and creative skills such as drawing, making music are great choices.

Are you a parent looking for educational apps that engage children’s brains and allow them to have fun while they’re learning?

I’ve discovered a unique new fun learning app called Lipa Land for kids aged 3 to 6 years, which is a family learning app developed by educational specialists and is approved by the kidSAFE Seal program. Lipa Land was founded on the dream that technology at home and in school can be used for much more than mindless gaming and distraction, it encourages kids to ‘use the device to get out of the device’ and balance their use of technology. The activities are designed in a way that kids do not sit indoors glued to their tablets, but they’ll be inspired to explore the outside world. With family activities like crafts, puzzles, stories, and experiments, there is a plethora of content to keep kids engaged.

The educational experts at Lipa Land have created a comprehensive curriculum with 8 areas of development sufficing the essential skills for a well-rounded childhood:

• Social-Emotional Balance (Social Skills, Emotional Competence, Ethics and Values)

• Physical Wellness (Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills)

• Academic Competence (Language, ESL, Maths, Science, Arts)

• History & Culture (Culture, History, Philosophy)

• Healthy Lifestyle (Body Care, Healthy Eating Habits, Biorhythm, Health & Relaxation)

• Environmental Awareness (Loving & Admiring Nature, Respecting & Helping, Exploration & Experimenting)

• Autonomic Capabilities (Spatial Ability, Attention, Creativity, Memory, Logical Thinking, Learning Motivation)

• Hygiene & Safety (Outdoor safety, Encountering the Unknown, External Hygiene, Indoor Safety, Personal Care) Recently I was teaching my son about the solar system and found this fun activity called ‘My Planet’ on Lipa Land to help children improve their knowledge about the solar system and characteristics of each planet.

On the occasion of a play date, we found a fun activity called ‘The Royal Crown’.

Kids enjoy dress up and pretend play activities, especially when they involve crafts we make ourselves.

These crowns were fun to create and sparked endless hours of imaginative play.

Find ideas like this and many others involving imagination and creativity in the Lipa Land app.


• Family activities like crafts, puzzles, stories and experiments

• Tips on parenting and child development

• Child learning profiles with easy-to-use progress tracking

• Adjustable timer for the perfect amount of screen time


• Exciting and fun topics like fairy tales, pirates, and cars

• Fun games that build skills and adapt to kids’ learning pace

• Illustrated bedtime stories and audiobooks for shared reading

• Free new premium game to play every month

Lipa Land is a great place for kids to explore and learn, they offer a subscription service to avail unlimited access to the app’s games, activities, bedtime stories, and daily updates iTunes or Google Play. They also offer a free trial.

You can visit the website for more details!

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