Celebrating 125 Years Of Best For Baby With Johnson’s!

Talk about standing the test of time, every company which survives, sustains and creates a name for itself and begets consumer confidence, has something to do with more than looking at businesses as only a means to amass profits.

One name which readily comes to mind in this context is that of Johnson and Johnson, which has emerged as one of the iconic and trustworthy household names across the globe in the field of baby care products. They believe their first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses, and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use their products and services.


Johnson & Johnson is a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer multinational company, founded in 1886 by three brothers, Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. The headquarters of J & J is at New Jersey and has 250 subsidiary companies with operations in over 57 countries and products sold in over 175 countries.


To mark the milestone of 125 years, Johnson’s Baby invited mom bloggers from across India for an unforgettable experience at the Johnson & Johnson Mulund plant in Mumbai, India.


The day kicked off with a heritage walk which was a flashback of Johnson’s products through the years, from 1894 until 2018.


In 1894, Johnson’s launches maternity kits to make childbirth safer for mothers and babies. Johnson’s Baby Powder goes on the market and its success leads to the
Company’s heritage Baby business.


In 1954, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo with ‘No More Tears’ formula enters the market as the first mild and soap-free shampoo designed to be gentle enough to clean babies’
hair but not irritate their eyes.


At the present day, Johnson’s celebrates 125 years of caring and looks to the next 125 years of transforming care for patients.

We then proceeded to a power packed session of ‘Know Our Science’ where we got a firsthand experience at the Raw Material Qualification lab, Product formulation lab, Powder Manufacturing line, Quality & Compliance lab.
In this session, they explained the global regulatory standards and the stringent safety assurance process that the products go through before becoming available for the baby.


Next up was a ‘Love Our Heart’ session, which included live demonstrations and an insightful panel discussion by leading healthcare professionals Dr. Rahul Verma, Dr. Shubhalakshmi Iyer & Professor Swapna Joshi.


This was followed up with ‘Ask Johnson’s’ interactive session where moms were given the opportunity to ask/ share any concerns and clear all their doubts about their products. The open and confident responses from the Johnson’s Baby team left us all reassured that Johnson’s Baby is Best for Baby.


Thank You, Johnson’s, for having us over for live demonstrations, insightful discussions and for bringing us the best baby care for now and the years to come.


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