How To Creatively Light Up Your Home!

Light is one of the most important elements of good interior design, it is an essential component in terms of creating the mood and ambience of a living space, so getting it right from the start is vital. Lighting fixtures that illuminate a room can create a safe and comfortable environment while adding style to the interior decor.


Lighting stands as an important component in interior designing within the home and should never be overlooked. Professional lighting designers bring technical acumen and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. I’m in awe of the creative work of lighting designer – Paula Arntzen. Check out the range of beautiful lighting available at the design light shop named Studio Arntzen

Studio Arntzen specialises in concept development, lighting and spatial design. We complete dynamic projects from concept to final production for individuals, businesses, design labels, and for events interested in engaging with unique environments. Studio Arntzen is run by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen. Besides her lighting design interest Arntzen has a strong fascination for furniture design. Innovatively she mixes her craft skills with design, and a delicate use of technology, as communicative components of wonder. Key to Arntzen design philosophy is her critical view to push the boundaries of design and her stylistic research. Through experimentation with materials and techniques she creates experiences with their own distinctive theatrical identity.


Utilizing the right type of lighting at correct place is not less tricky than any magic to see your home shine brightly. Without proper light interior architecture cannot be experienced to the fullest. Light is very crucial for further areas of interior design such as color selections, room size and layout fabric choices and furniture selection. Any room can be benefited from harmony and effortless fluidity of design only when these elements come together.


Creative use of lighting can embellish your interiors. Implement different types of lighting to make your home a beautiful showcase. Selection of the right lighting can help you achieve a perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality in creating heartwarming and yet functional interiors. Not only with the artificial lights but optimizing the use of natural light will bloom your home with ultimate beauty. When creating an interior design, taking both artificial and natural lighting into consideration is preferred, but even within an existing design, there is still much that we can do to improve matters.

When artificial lighting is concerned, there are  a number of different types such as Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting, Task Lighting, Aesthetic Lighting and Recessed Lighting.  You also need to check components related to light such as color management, directional lighting, functionality, space to get the best output from lighting in your home.


Light is a technically difficult yet astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and evolving disciplines. A lighting design practice integrates the arts, sciences and business of illumination design and implementation. Knowing the importance of lighting in interior design helps in proper lighting design adds elegance, sophistication and style to your home. Proper lighting can increase the brightness of a space and create ideal mood sets.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine.

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