Send Flowers The Eco Friendly Way Using The Flowerling App!

Have you ever gifted a flower to someone? Giving or receiving a flower can sometimes transform the way we validate a friendship, create a deeper connection to something we are doing, or most importantly, change the way we see ourselves.

While it’s a wonderful feeling to receive flowers, be it for a Congratulations, a Thank You, a Birthday, a Thinking of You, but soon after  begins the stress of finding a vase, finding a spot where they are safe, and then a week later dealing with smelly water, a dirty vase and dead flowers that need to be thrown away without making a huge mess.

How about a new approach – a digital way, to send flowers? Wonder if I told you that there was an app out there which enables you to send digital flowers as a thoughtful gift while having a positive impact on the world. If that puts a smile on your face, I’m happy to introduce the Flowerling App!


With the Flowerling App, you’ll be able to buy and send flowers in an easy, convenient way while also helping save our planet through Flowerling App’s Mission.  Partnered with The Eden Reforestation Project, the Flowerling App will plant a real Mangrove Tree in Madagascar for every digital Flowerling sent!

How to Use the Flowerling App

The App is User Friendly and Available for FREE on iOS
Once you download the Flowerling App from the App Store, you will be prompted to create an account.

The Flowerling App has 5 Menu Options including:

  • My Greenhouse – Contains your purchased potted flowers, bouquets, and vases.



  • Garden – Shows the number of trees planted based on flowers you’ve received.
  • Main Menu – Send flowers by creating a bouquet from your flowers in your Greenhouse, purchase a bouquet from the shop, or send a single rose.
  • Shop – View the different roses, bouquets, potted flowers and vases which are available to purchase and send. You can swipe through the available flowers and bouquets and purchase what you love.


  • Choose a decorative vase if you’d like or keep it wrapped. When you’re ready to send, you can add a picture in the background (optional) and a short note with your flowers.


  • My Profile – Edit your profile by adding your picture and seeing gifts you’ve sent and received.

You can purchase coins on the Flowerling App and use them to buy the flowers you intend to send.

  • Just like a real flower their Flowerling will bloom and die, all within 8 days. You can buy extra food to prolong it. Each day you can log in and see what your flower is up to. It really does make you smile when you see the progress.
  • You can send Flowerling bouquets at just $1.99, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly than the traditional way of purchasing and sending flowers!

The Flowerling App has an innovative approach and provides options to manage your potted flowers, some of them include:

  • Watering your Flower
  • Plant 1 more of the same flower in the pot for coins
  • Feeding a coin for 7 extra days of life
  • Create a bouquet to Send
  • Send the potted flower(s)
  • Compost


You can send Flowerlings to anyone, even if they don’t have the app or an iPhone/ iPad. If they don’t have an iPhone, they can view it on the web. Like real flowers, you can watch them age -the lifespan of a Flowerling is 8 days but you can purchase plant food that will also add several days to its life.


Using the Flowerling App is easy, convenient, and fun – you can send flowers to your dear ones across the globe – what we get in return from the recipients is the inner joy, the warm hearts, excitement and feelings of gratitude which is priceless!


The Flowerling App is a great way to spread joy and happiness while also helping save our planet! So go ahead and send digital flowers when you are resonating with a friend or want to honor a friend’s journey or just feel a compelling urge to reach out.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for the Flowerling App. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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