Easy Recycled Mixed Media Project!

Today I have a video tutorial for you, showing how to create a cool and easy mixed media project using recycled elements.

Step 1:
Recycling is charming, hence lets put together things we can recycle!
I am re-purposing a chocolate box and other knick-knacks.

Step 2:
Use decoupage glue to stick  a layer of crumbled tissue paper to the surface of the box.  Create a composition on the surface of the box and glue the objects using a strong adhesive.


Step 3:
Use black gesso to color the entire box and let dry.

Step 4:
Use tinted metallic paints to add highlights.

Step 5:
Add embellishments of your choice to prettify your unique mixed media art.

Hope this inspired you. Let us know how you liked it and share your queries if any.

Happy crafting!


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