ONE STROKE PAINTING on recycled glass bottles!

I am delighted to welcome Ranjtha Sathya in this guest post.

Today I am here to share with you a simple, yet beautiful form of painting called the One Stroke painting. Well, I am no great expert at it, but if you are craft enthusiast like me, then this one is worth a try.

For this technique, you would be using a FLAT brush. Dip each corner into a puddle of paint, work back and forth on your palette to blend the colors. This is double loading, but you can load your brush with just a single color if you wish. But I personally feel the beauty is when the two colors blend.

Start on the chisel edge (tip of your brush), apply pressure gently as you make an arc pulling to your right for an inverted U stroke in one direction, and as you pull downward lift the pressure on your brush until you are back on the chisel edge, here are a few pictures which will help you understand this technique.


In the above picture I have loaded the brush with two colors, white and pink. I tried repeating the stroke, so it would get a little more clear and self-explanatory.


The above picture sample also the same stoke but this time I have stopped the stroke half way and then again did an inverted u shape to get a different shape to the petal.


These two pictures are samples of flowers where I have used a simple comma like stroke, with a flat brush loaded with two colours. Now that we have got some ideas on how we could paint some different types of flowers, let’s try some leaves.


For the leaf, I painted each leaf in two parts. Each stroke is a combination of multiple short strokes. Repeat the stroke in the opposite half of the leaf. Now, let us look at some samples where I have tried to make some floral arrangements with the above cited strokes and combinations.







Now you must be wondering that I have reached only half the title. No more waiting, here is the final product. I have recycled some glass bottles, cleaned them thoroughly and given two even coats of black paint. For the base black coat, you could also spray paint them if you want a good finish. Once the base coat is dry, I have done some one
stroke painting on them. Here they go…





I hope my post inspired you. Get creative, you could try this form of painting on a piece of wood, a plain boring table cloth or anything you could think of.

Do visit my blog Lets make things simple for more inspiration. Happy crafting!

By Ranjitha


Ranjitha is a mom of a 2 year old, artist and world explorer. She is a Dentist by profession who has over past few years evolved a schedule to fit craft into her already busy lifestyle. Although she is on a sabbatical from her work since her baby arrived, she found her inner calling in art and crafting and now channels her entire energy and time into exploring crafting predominantly card making and handmade gifting options. She has a special interest in cards with special folds, stamping and die cutting. She has recently forayed into free hand bottle painting and decoupage. Her first and original love is crochet and knitting which she has perfected by producing a full baby range of knit and crocheted items for her little angel. Her crafting kicks in after hours after a hectic day with her baby and most of her innovative ideas culminate into beautiful works of art in the late hours of night. She shuttles between two lives, one with her family and other with her art carrying her ideas back and forth and each inspiring the other.

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