Stunning Gold and Glitter DIY Home Decor!

The holiday season is here and most of us are already prettying up our homes. Here is an inexpensive and easy step by step tutorial to create an easy yet stunning glittery holiday decor.

Step 1: Start with applying a coat of gesso onto a clean bottle and let dry.


Step 2: Use a sponge dabber to apply a coat of tinted metallic paint onto the surface of the bottle and let dry.


Step 3: Working in sections, apply tacky glue to the bottle and sprinkle a handful of sequins over the glue.


Step 4: Continue this process until all desired areas are sequined.


Allow the bottle to dry and use it as home decor.


I also re-purposed a photo frame using the same technique to pair up with the bottle.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Crafting!


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