DIY Tutorial: ‘Uncovering Secret Script’ Altered Tin!

Good day Y’all!
Today, I’m sharing an interesting DIY Altered Tin tutorial in few easy steps.

Supplies required:
A tin
Pattern paper
Paper flowers
Burlap chord & lace (optional)


Step 1: Cut out a decoupage paper that measures to the dimensions of the tin and glue it using decoupage glue. Since my theme is ‘secret script’, I have chosen a design that has script on it.


Step 2:  The outer layer of sheet has to be a little thick and hence I’m using pattern paper. Rip the sheet halfway through the center as shown.


Step 3:  Paste the outer layer and twirl the torn ends outwards as shown.


Step 4:  Add a crochet lace and use a stamp pad to distress the edges for a vintage look.


Step 5:  Glue on flowers and other embellishments to create an attractive composition.


Your altered tin is ready!


Hope you liked this tutorial.

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