Fun Pet Rock Ideas

In April 1975, Gary Dahl adapted to his friend’s complaint about their pets in a bar in Bonny Doon; this gave him the idea for the entire “pet” rock. A rock would not need to be walked, bathed, fed, or groomed, and it would not die, become sick. Dahl told the perfect pets and joked about it with his friends. He took his idea seriously and drafted an “instruction manual” for a pet rock. National Pet Rock Day comes on September 3 of every year. Pet Rocks are smooth stones from Mexico’s Rosarito Beach. They were sold like live pets, complete with straw in custom cardboard boxes, and breathing holes.

Celebrating the National Pet Rock Day is simple and easy – here are some fun ideas!

My son and I picked up a few rocks and colored them using acrylic paints and OOLY liquid chalk markers to create unique pet rocks.


This one is in memory of my pet kitten ‘Ammu’


The start of the month means another fun #CCBG craft challenge is here! This month our theme for creating a new project was craft from Pet Rock Day. Be sure to visit these other fun projects.

My Thrifty House
Try it – Like it

Have fun creating your unique pet rock!

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