Stunning Chalk Painted Home Decor that you can DIY!

I recently got my hands on Chalk paints and today I’m sharing with you an easy Chalk Paint Tutorial that can serve you as gorgeous home decor.

Materials Required:

  • A clean, empty mason jar
  • Chalk Paint
  • Twine / Embellishments

Here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Paint the outside of  mason jar with chalk paint of your choice of color (I used Rainy Day by Itsy Bitsy). Thats my little one painting the jar.


2. Allow time to dry for ~30 minutes.


3. There are various ways to further upcycle the product with embellishments. I’m using a jute twine and handmade paper flower.


That’s it,  So simple! I’ve put flowers in my chalk painted mason jar.


Chalk paints are so versatile and work well on many surfaces.

A lovely capture deserves a beautiful photo frame!


An up-cycled chipboard shadow box photo frame.


The clay pot gets a makeover with chalk paint & handmade flowers.


On plastic, I’ve applied 1 coat of texture white before applying chalk paint.


Chalk paint and decoupage on bottles can create some stunning home decor!


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