How to Fulfill Your #OneWeddingWish

A wedding marks a milestone in the life of two individuals as a couple. It is the beginning of a lifetime journey to experience and nurture new things together. Most of us prefer to celebrate this special occasion in grandeur with our family and friends, which sometimes becomes an expensive affair.


Speaking from my own experience, my wedding wish was to go on an exotic honeymoon – the memories of which we would always cherish. We visited Singapore for the first time and even tough its been eight years since, we still have beautiful memories of our vacation.

Now marriage implies going through the smooth and hard times together, I believe that its a good thing for newly weds to travel somewhere new together for a fresh adventure and an opportunity to learn your spouse’s personality type. This can be a great way to grow a deeper marriage.


A honeymoon provides the first memorable moments as a couple, away from the family and work. This time together, probably sets the stage on how a couple treats each other, and prepares the path to wedded bliss.  However, since the wedding celebrations itself are likely to be an expensive affair, most couples shy away from going on that exotic honeymoon or wedding wish.

Because you are worth it, and you both deserve it, Tata Capital Wedding Loan helps you with that one thing that would take your wedding experience to the next level – It can be an exotic honeymoon to your dream destination or a pre-wedding shoot, designer trousseau or an experience that will make you wedding a fairy tale. #OneWeddingWish by Tata Capital provides financing options at an attractive interest rate for young couples.

Visit Tata Capital Wedding Loan Website to apply and fill in relevant details, along with the wedding wish. After a careful analysis of your profile, Tata Capital will process your loan.

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