Buy Original Paintings Online is a leading Online Art Gallery with a collection of more than 4,000 original paintings & drawings, created & exhibited by 1000 artists worldwide.

If you are looking for an original painting signed by an artist, then Gallerist is the right place to buy from.
Paintings exhibited on Gallerist are by artists, who are verified by Gallerist team to assure you the right quality & price. The site is user friendly and one can register on the site as a Buyer, Artist or an Architect.

Gallerist offers a wide range of paintings and drawings in a variety of themes and mediums at affordable prices. Here are a few samples:






Art of wall is an interesting feature which shows you how the painting will look on your room’s wall.

GALLERIST5.JPG is a platform for promoting quality artwork created by artists worldwide. Hop over to to browse and buy artwork and paintings online in few defined steps.

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