Colgate Magical Stories – A Space Adventure

Listening to little children weave stories is enthralling experience! It’s a milestone in itself when the child begins to express and enact his imagination and creativity.

When I received the New Colgate Packs which had the Space theme, I knew for sure that it would invoke interest in my little boy. The Colgate “Magical Space Adventure” has three different sets based on the ‘Magical Space’ theme to cut, play and learn – explore the mystical Alien Planet, float around the zero gravity Space Walk and experience the thrilling Space Launch. With more than 15 space characters, these packs will take kids on an adventurous journey into the magical space world. These packs are an opportunity to learn while having fun.


The kids can create their own secret universe thereby expanding their creative canvas.


Here’s the story my little boy came up with – “One sunny morning at NASA, astronauts Al & Meg are all set for a stellar space mission. We take off on a rocket and reach outer space.I strapped my surfboard to my green spacesuit and traveled to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. When I got there, I found meteors, rivers, and stars. It looked mesmerizing! But best of all, I found huge lakes full of a beautiful liquid. I felt the unstoppable wind pick up and all of a sudden I saw waves. I couldn’t wait to jump in! I paddled through the lake and caught a gorgeous wave. As I surfed toward the sparkling shore, I saw Saturn’s rings in the sky above me. I met a few aliens and became friends with a space robot named Merc.
Out of nowhere something smashed through! It was a softball-sized rock crashed through space and landed on the spaceship. What a scary thing! Good thing it missed us! It looked very hot, so I didn’t touch it. Later, when it looked a bit tender, I took a closer look at it. It was very rough and had a lot of thorns on its surface. I brought it to my science teacher. “My Peace!” she said, “this is a meteorite!” A meteorite is a rock that forms a meteor or a “shooting star” as it burns through the atmosphere.when a meteorite is found, scientists get excited. Meteorites come from objects that formed when our solar system was very young. Meteorites can give us clues about how our solar system formed. I guess that means that my whimsical rock actually came from space.”

Disclaimer: I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


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