Get your kids involved in housework

A guest post by Daisy Murphy – a  London based writer and entrepreneur.

Involving a child in the housework is a difficult task for many parents. Although children are pretty curious and like learning new things, they know very well how to escape from the unpleasant duties. However, where there is a will, there is a way and if you are determined to teach your kid to help you with the cleaning, soon or later you will find the right approach for that. Just be patient and realistic about what kind of help you can expect from your child and soon you will have a little helper at your disposal.

There are a couple of creative and funny ways suggested by Pro cleaners London to make your child look at the housework as an interesting activity and don’t oppose it.

Through games

Nothing gets the attention of a child like a game does. Tell your kids that you want to show them a new game and they are all yours. Involve in the game all members of your family and see who will put the toys in the toy basket first. You want your child to win, of course, this is how you can directly start a new game and cover another domestic chore. Children adore spending time with their parents and as long as you present the household work as an entertainment, they will be deeply engaged in it. Just make sure that you change the games often enough because kids are getting bored fast.

Through stimulation and encouragement

Another proven way to make children do something is by stimulating them with a reward. If you can’t trick your child by presenting the housework as a funny game, then this will be the perfect solution for you. When your child asks for a cookie, for example, say that they first need to help you and then you will give it to them. You can do the same when you promise to bring them to the zoo or cinema. In this way, your children will learn that they need to help like everyone else in the family and that in order to receive something, they first need to give something. This will turn to be a really valuable lesson for them when they grow up.

Through speaking

If you have a teenager at home, it may cost you a lot of efforts to engage them in the household activities. If you ask them for help for the first time they will most probably refuse because this is something new for them. Teenagers are only interested in their outward appearance and they are not  concerned how clean is everything at home. In fact, it is a constant mess in their room and that doesn’t bother them at all. In this case your child is a grown up person and you won’t be able to involve them in the housework by stimulating them with something that they want. Organise a family meeting and set new rules for all members of the family. Give everyone their own responsibilities and explain that they are mature enough already to start helping with the domestic chores. Very soon the teenager in your home will start doing their duties without mumbling.

It doesn’t matter at what age you start engaging your children with the domestic work, this can only help them become more responsible and develop positive qualities that will be really helpful to them when they grow up. Making a child help you with the cleaning may be a tricky piece of work but it’s not impossible. You only need to find the right strategy and be patient.


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