Holiday Art Journaling

Art journaling is play, exploration & experimentation wrapped into one. It’s about doing an unstructured form of art in a  handmade sketchbook or a store-bought art journal or sketchbook. When you open your art journal, you get to play like a little kid again, using paint, imagery, typography, even some pixie dust glitter.

I’m getting into the artistic holiday spirit with a holiday art journal –  incorporating holiday icons via doodles, collage, glitter and paint.

To begin with, I’m using the travel friendly Stitch and Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook. This sketchbook comes with a plastic threading needle, embroidery thread and a DIY cover with pre-punched stitching holes so you can make stitching artwork on the cover.


My intention is to create a 2016 holiday art journal and begin with threading a Christmas tree on the cover.christmas_gifts8

Finding holiday icons and messages

When you see beautiful decorated christmas trees wherever you go, you know the holidays are around the corner. I’ve painted these simple christmas tree backgrounds using  Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods and doodled on them using Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pensatb4

Documenting the Christmas Cheer!artjournal2


Doodling ornaments, reliving the memories associated with each as you go.artjournal1

“Art journaling is about the creative process
of pulling together color, words and images
as you wish on a page. Unlike many other
forms of art, it is not about the outcome.”
Tammy Garcia

You can keep an art journal without in-depth knowledge of composition or color theory or formal study of art, so go ahead and create your very own art journal these holidays.

I wish you all the light and warmth of the season, with the very best of your holiday memories.


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