DIY holiday cards and more for kids

Why not make some fun and creative cards and decor this holiday season to add a beautiful, personalized touch to your holiday décor?

Here are few easy and cute ones that all the family can join in and help kids create their own holiday cards and decor.

My son (3 years old) created these cards with a little direction from me using the  Fresh Pick Scented Neon Gel Crayon Highlighter set. These highlighters smell like amazing fruits -strawberry, banana, green apple, blueberry and grape.


Holiday Cardschristmas_gifts11



Design a crown for playtime – – If you’re looking for other DIY crown ideas, check out these Prince and Princess Headdresschristmas_gifts5.jpg

Holiday Ornaments – If you’re looking for other DIY holiday Ornaments ideas, check out these Doodled Holiday Ornamentsal_sketchbook12

I hope you enjoyed these DIY holiday art ideas! Do you prefer to make or buy your holiday cards?

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