A toddler’s favorite crayons!

A child’s art journey is most likely to begin with a box of crayons and some of us parents (like me) still enjoy sitting down with a box of crayons and drawing book with our kids.In this post I want to share our experience and art work using the Rainy Dayz ge crayons from OOLY.

My son has been using the Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons since a couple of months and he absolutely loves them! This set is perfect to draw vibrant, bold colors on glass surfaces and paper too.

12 bright colors which kids will love creating art with.rainydayz7This set is versatile and here are few ways my son has been putting his crayon set to good use.

Color on glass!rainydayz1

Canvas Artalthingsbeautiful-1

Holiday Ornaments

A cardboard roll Monsterchristmas_gifts12

Painted Fall Leavesleaves

View Alwin’s Sketchbook>


If you have a creative child in your life, perhaps you should consider Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons as a holiday gift. i’m sure he/she will put it to good use 🙂

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Disclaimer: The product highlighted in this blog post was sent to me to provide an honest review. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure

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