A Sock Subscription for a great twist on the most predictable of gifts!

Buying presents for men at Christmas can be a tricky business and if you are looking for great twist on the most predictable of gifts, then checkout The London Sock Exchange – a sock subscription for men featuring exclusive British designs which are curated, coupled with styling notes and delivered through letterboxes once every quarter.

Once you sign up, they send you three pairs of socks every quarter.

  • Gift subscription – receive 12 pairs over the course of one year (£60 / year)
  • Socks Quarterly – receive 3 pairs per quarter (£15 / quarter)

What is unique about The London Sock Exchange?
Here is what makes each socks from The London Sock Exchange really special.

A Super-fine needle-countlondonsockexchange6The socks are woven with 200 needles, the highest gauge used on socks. Due to the density of this stitching, our socks are not only finer but also stronger than your average.

Exclusive British designlondonsockexchange4
The socks are dreamt up by British designers who create socks exclusively for The London Sock Exchange with the modern British gentleman in mind – and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Premium raw materials

The socks are crafted from a high-quality, lightweight cotton for exquisite comfort and breathability. This cotton is reinforced by polyamide and elastane for added durability and structure.

Hand-linked toes

This affords a perfect, seamless finish to the bottom end of the sock, giving maximum comfort.

Styling Noteslondonsockexchange5
Styling notes are provided with each and every pair of socks delivered. So you know just which shoe and exactly which trouser your new favourite socks are best paired with.

Delivered directly to you
All of this is delivered in a box custom-built for the British letter-box. They arrive once a quarter with a selection of three pairs of socks, specially selected for the upcoming season.


The London Sock Exchange subscription also provides you with a service to dispose old socks responsibly and sustainably – one small step towards helping the planet.

RETURN –Re­fill your box with any old, unwanted socks you might have in your sock­drawer. Re­seal the box, pop on the freepost label and send it back to us at The London Sock Exchange.

SORT – Each pair of socks is sorted and ranked in order of their highest value, so they can be recycled in the appropriate way.
REUSE – Socks of sufficient quality are sent to developing countries, where they will be distributed to communities in need. The remaining socks are turned into recycled fibres and given a new life as industrial textiles.

Verdict: Socks aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, but having nice ones really makes a huge difference. I think The London Sock Exchange would be a great gift for someone! The brand and the quality is great value for money.

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Use coupon ATBYEAR on a Year of Socks gift package
Use coupon ATBSUB on Quartlerly Subscription

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to provide an honest review. Read the complete  Al Things Beautiful disclosure.

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