Exquisite Handmade Jewelry at the Druzy Shop

DRUZY is known as “The Stone of Star Dust or Fairy Dust.” It refers to tiny dust of diamond like crystals scattered on the face of the gemstone. It is believed to have magical and mystical properties, bringing lightness and harmony to one’s spirit.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of flaunting jewelry which is handmade by skilled artisans into a piece that’s entirely unique. If you are looking out for exquisite handmade jewelry this holiday season, then check out the online Druzy Shop for beautiful, artistic jewelry at reasonable prices.

Here are some of my favorite picks from the Druzy Shop (click on the image for details)

Gold Plated Chain Druzy Bracelet Bangledruzy_shop2

Round Vintage Druzy Necklacedruzy_shop4

18K Gold Plated Irregular Natural Stone Druzy Crystal Pendant Necklace

Gold Plated Druzy Earringsdruzy_shop3

Druzy Dangle Drop Earringsdruzy_shop8.jpg

Copper Adjustable Druzy Ringsdruzy_shop7

Druzy Geode Necklacedruzy_shop9.jpg

18K Druzy Quartz Natural Stone Pendant Necklacesdruzy_shop1018K Druzy Colorful Geometric Drop Earringsdruzy_shop6.jpg
Shop the Druzy Collection >>

Disclaimer: I received a gift as a thank you for my participation. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure. All images are sourced from druzyshop.com


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