CG Slate is here to enable a new learning journey: A Product Review

We live in a Tech-addicted world, don’t we? Today’s next-gen parents use smart phones and other digital gadgets as virtual babysitters?

As a Parent, I was concerned that my child was spending hours of on-screen time on a smart phone/tablet and hooked to gaming and cartoons – that’s when I discovered CG Slate and decided to try it out and observe my Son using it. It’s been a few weeks and I can vouch that it has certainly converted his on-screen hours to a learning journey.
Here is my product review of CG Slate, especially for parents like me.Home Page.pngCG Slate is a complete educational tablet mapped to NCERT curriculum for children between the ages 3 and 12 years. The crux of the product is captured in three zones – the Learn Zone, the Play Zone, and the Shop Zone.
The topics CG Slate covers is quite comprehensive and age-appropriate. From science to math to English grammar, the tablet covers it all. Kids can explore and learn without the disturbances of ads and other not-so-kid-friendly features. The mascot Titu guides kids when required with audio explanations about the interactivity.

C – Complete Educational Tablet mapped to NCERT curriculum
G – Gamification of Learning- making it fun & rewarding
– Safety first approach with Restrictive Ecosystem and advanced parental controls
– Learning Outcome-based with automatic SMS/Email reports
– Adaptive Learning, for a personalized learning experience
– Technology for learning based on latest scientific research
– Economical Solution costing

Subjects Covered


Landing pagelanding-pageThe Parent Zone in CG Slate allows you to create multiple profiles and set up parental controls for your child’s safety – with separate pins for parents and kids. This ensures that children are exposed to content appropriate for their age. Further, kids can enter the Android Zone only with the parent entering the parent pin and granting access.parent-zoneParents can keep a track of their child’s learning outcomes with Data Analytics and Comprehensive Reporting. Learning outcomes can be measured through time spent per topic/subject, assessment results, subjects and chapters studied.

Now let’s explore the Learn Zone, the Play Zone, and the Shop Zone.

Learn Zone
The rules-experiences-achievements approach of a game is applied to learning to make it interesting for the child. This zone has animations, simulations of real life concepts, and interactive books that make learning fun for a child.
learn-zoneInteractive booksinteractive-booksPlay Zone
Once your child has accomplished a task in Learn Zone, he/she can watch their favorite cartoons and play games in the Play Zone for a stipulated time.
play-zonePlay Zone Videoplay-zone-videoShop Zone
The more your child learns, the more coins he/she earns and you can reward your child with his/her favorite toys and use these coins for Zone Wishlistshop-zone-wishlistTablet Specifications

My 3 year old Son took an immediate liking to CG Slate and is exploring the various modules. The concepts of phonics, numbers, shapes are explained in depth in the lessons which are audio visual. There is Knowledge check at the end of each module.
Here are some screens of what a Nursery attending child learns.

General Knowledge

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Reading and Grammar

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Spoken English

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CG Slate is also available in a Micro SD card compatible with devices running on Android 4.3 and above.

In addition to the tablet, each box contains – a coaster set, a Titu Fridge Magnet, a Titu Key Chain, Titu Stickers, Titu Name Slips, Titu Bookmark and a 3D Titu DIY Figurine.CG Slate Education Tablet.jpg

Verdict: I give a thumbs up to CG Slate for the Audio-visual, personalized and engaging learning experience it provides to a child in a tablet without the disturbances of other not-so-kid-friendly features. The tablet is sleek and travel friendly too.

The product is priced in a manner to make it affordable for all – available on Lenovo Tablet and on a Micro SD card. Get your CG Slate today!

Visit CG Slate to explore more about the product.

Happy Learning!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ‘CG Slate on Micro SD Card’ to provide an honest review. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure.

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