5 Things to consider when buying an adult colouring book

I am delighted to welcome Sandy from One colour at a time blog in this guest post. 

Hi my name is Sandy and I write a blog all about adult colouring called One Colour at a Time.
For those new to the hobby of adult colouring I’d like to chat about 5 things to consider when buying an adult colouring book.

Not all colouring books are the same and depending on whether you want to colour using pens, pencils, crayons, alcohol markers the following will need to be considered so you don’t end up buying books that you just don’t use!

1. Paper Quality

Paper quality varies greatly between books with some being on thin home printer/copier paper to some that are more like a thick card or water colour card. This makes a huge difference to the results you will be able to achieve.

If you intend on using pencils for instance you will need to opt for books with a thicker quality paper with a good tooth to it. Tooth means the texture of the paper like the paper shown here where you can see the lumpy bumpy texture. This makes it ideal for pencils and layering and blending and you will get great results.

If you intend on using water colours or alcohol markers which are very wet mediums then a card like paper would be your better choice as the thinner papers can often buckle as they dry.


The way the book is bound can make a real difference as well. Poorly bound books can come apart after a fair amount of usage whilst hardback books can make it troublesome to try and get into parts of the image near the spine of the book. I try to go for books that are in the middle with a good card like cover and stitch binding as well as glue binding meaning the pages are nice and secure.

If you intend on removing the pages from the book then the cheaper glue bound books are you best bet as they are much easier to unbind and there are YouTube tutorials on how to do this.

3. Single Sided or Double Sided

Books with single sided images tend to be more expensive but this does mean you can use alcohol markers or wet mediums with a backing sheet of card to protect the next image and not be worried about the image on the reverse being damaged.
Double sided does mean you will get more images for your money. Personally I prefer single sided images.

4. Double Page Spreads

Some books are mostly double pages spreads which are often very intricate and detailed and look just amazing when coloured. The downside to these is that it is tricky to get into the spine area of the book where the two pages join and sometimes where the book is put together the images do not align properly.

Single page images will not be as detailed but will be much easier to get to and colour all parts of the image.

5. Amazon CreateSpace pro’s and con’s

Amazon CreateSpace is a fantastic way for artists to create and sell their books via amazon and the artwork in some of these books is stunning. However the cover and paper quality is very limited and the paper will be like copier/printer paper which is something to bear in mind when ordering.

As you can see not all adult colouring books are the same and personally I try to go for a good mix of books from all of these. But if you only buy one book I would personally recommend one that is a good paper quality with single sided images.

I regularly review adult colouring books on my blog so feel free to hop on over and check them out!

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