Mabels labels review

Stand Out from the Crowd with Personalized Name Stickers from Mabel’s Labels

The moment my Son began play school last year, his bag, water bottle, lunch box and other belongings needed to be labeled. Initially I tried some paper stickers that wore off easily and I was on the look out for stylish, durable labels and that’s when I stumbled upon Mabel’s Labels and I’m so glad I found them. Here is a Mabel’s Labels review.

The Product: Mabel’s Labels – Peel and Stick Name Labels
The Cost: USD$21.00 for 45 Labels (Dimensions: 70mm x 16mm)
Ships to: International

I’m a User Experience Designer myself and can vouch that the Mabel’s Labels site is easy and delightful to use. In 3 easy super steps, my Personalized Name Stickers were ready to order. And there is a wide choice of fun designs to customize and create your own unique, stylish labels.


Along with the great design, Mabel’s Labels is also durable -Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe and Waterproofmabels.JPG

The labels are vibrant and of very good quality.mabelslabels5mabelslabels7

Labeled my Son’s school gear with these awesome Personalized Name Stickers mabelslabels1

The best way to keep track of your kids’ easy-to-lose items!mabelslabels3

A durable, waterproof way to identify toys, sports equipment and much more.

I also received 2 packs of Write Away!™ Labels which are self-laminating, write-able sticky labels that are ready to use.mabelslabels6mabelslabels2

Hop over to Mabel’s Labels to get your Personalized Name Stickers to keep kids belongings safe. Labeling helps parents and teachers easily identify between similar belongings.

Disclaimer: The product highlighted in this blog post was sent to me to provide an honest review. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure

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