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Create Beautiful Mandalas

The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely means “circle” or “center.” The mandala is a circular matrix with a center point—a point from which all things are possible. It is believed that within its circular shape, the mandala has the power to promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, and support healing.

Here is a step by step guide to to create beautiful mandalas that have a sense of symmetry and balance.

Materials used:

Step 1: Draw concentric circles using a compassmandala2

Step 2: Draw the angular guidelines – divide 360° by the number of sections to determine how big to draw each section.
For example: 360°/12=30°. Use a protractor & pencil to mark your circle in 30° increments: 30°, 60°, 90°,… and then use a ruler to connect the marks.mandala4

Step 3: Begin your design – repeat the pattern around the entire circle. Consider different shapes, symbols, and colors. mandala3.jpg

Step 4:  Erase all of the pencil marks and color the mandala.mandala6

Admire and reflect on the ‘message of the mandala’.

The Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers is great for coloring mandalas and any detailed illustrations. This set of 36 Colored Markers, featuring a super fine tip at 0.7mm is specially designed for adult coloring enthusiasts.eriously_fine_felt_tip

Get your Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers

Create your world with pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paper and a whole lot more with fun and unique stationery and art supplies from International Arrivals.

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Disclaimer: The product highlighted in this blog post was sent to me to provide an honest review. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure

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