Preserve your Memories in Mounted Photo Prints!

A picture tells a story and its an age old idea to preserve memories by printing pictures.
I recently stumbled upon Photojaanic and decided to get a customized Mounted Photo Print for my home. Today, I am sharing my experience in a product review post.

The Product: Photojaanic Mounted Photo Prints
The Cost: Rs. 249.00 onwards
Ships to: All over India

The user experience of the site is smart, easy to use and you can order your personalized photo print is 5 simple steps. They offer many customization features and do alert if you have selected a low-resolution photo.

Step 1: Select the size of the photo printphoto2.JPGStep 2: Choose a theme for your photo print – You can select a predefined theme or even design your own.photo3Step 3: Choose good quality picture/s for your photo print – You can upload picture/s or use photos from your Facebook, Dropbox or Instagram account. The system alerts if you have selected a low-resolution photo that will impact the print quality.


Step 4: Customize your photo print by positioning the picture/s and adding elements of your choice – Layouts, Clip-art, Backgrounds, Borders and Text. You have the flexibility to undo, redo and start over if required.photo10.JPG

Step 5: Preview your photo print and place an order.

Sharing some of the customization options I explored:
Theme: Joy All Around

Theme: Hearty Lovephoto7Theme: Trendy Touchphoto8
Theme: Boat Board
Choose the ‘Layout’ feature to add multiple pictures in a single photo print.
photo9Finally, I decided to furnish a family photo that was professionally shot.

After trying a few customization options, I decided to go with this layout.
Theme: Blackphoto5

I received my personalized mounted print at Bangalore, withing 2 days of placing the order- which is fast delivery. It was neatly packaged.

As you can see, the Mounted Print is safely polythene wrapped and the print quality is very good.photojaanic1

The photo print has excellent depth and the colors are spot on. The mounted print is coated with a silky finish for protection and wrapped over a lightweight frame and are ready to put up on the wall. hook

Verdict: The process for using the Photojaanic was really easy. I liked the customization options available. The service and print quality is excellent, making it great value for money. With Diwali around the corner, Photojaanic is a good option for any of you looking for unique, personalized gifting.

Disclaimer: All views in this review are the opinion of the author ( This is not a sponsored post. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure


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