Pen and Ink Drawing with Black Ink Markers

Pen and ink drawing describes the process of using pens to apply ink to a surface. There are various pen and ink techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, random lines, and stippling. Most ink drawings are completed using black inks on white surfaces which leads to heavy contrast in value.

Today, I’m sharing some of my art using The Ink Works Markers – A set of 5 Different Black Ink Markers, specially designed for the artists who work in black ink.the_ink_works_markersStrokes using  0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2mm , 5mm Chisel and Fine Brush Rounded Tipsthe_ink_works_markers2
I created a few simple illustrations with The Ink Works Markers
Using the Brush tip markerIA_InkMarkers _n
Using the 0.5mm markerblackink4

Using the 1.0mm Chisel markerblackink3

Using the 2mm markerblackink1

Outline using the 5mm Chisel marker and colored using 2 of A Kind Colored Pencilscolor1

Using a combination of markersblackink2

Get The Ink Works Markers

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Disclaimer: The product highlighted in this blog post was sent to me to provide an honest review. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure

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