Easy Make and Bake Eraser Kit

With the Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit, you can mold any eraser creation you want. How awesome is that! 

The kit comes with 12 pliable clay colors in a nifty reusable case. Mix the colors for endless hues.eraser1

Make the clay soft by kneading it. ia_eraser2

Create any kind of cool shapes, characters or whatever you want your eraser to be.

Poke a hole with a pencil, to create a pencil top eraser ia_eraser1

Kids should have a Parent/ Adult take care of baking the DIY erasers.
Set the oven to 230°, bake for 30 minutes and let cool for an hour.

Now you have have your very own erasers. IA_creatibles

Build it, Bake it and Erase with it using Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit

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Disclaimer: The product highlighted in this blog post was sent to me to provide an honest review. Read the complete Al Things Beautiful disclosure

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