Fun and Creative Vegetable Painting

The theme given for the September #CCBG Craft Challenge is Kitchen themed crafts/DIY and this got me thinking. A few months ago, my little one and I had lots of fun randomly trying vegetable printing. Here’s a step by step creative art idea using Okra (lady’s finger) which is lots of fun for little ones to try. Material required:
  • Okra
  • White Paper or card stock
  • Paints (Poster Colors/ Tempera/ Acrylic)
  • Brush and pallete
  • Tissue paperccbg_atb1
Step 1: Paint yellow using long horizontal strokes across the lower half of the sheet of paper.ccbg_atb2 Step 2: Paint light blue using long horizontal strokes above the yellow strip.ccbg_atb3 Step 3: Paint green grass using vertical strokes above the yellow strip as shown:ccbg_atb4 Step 4: Cut the Okra in the middle and pat it dry with a tissue paper, then dip it in paint and it’s ready to stamp onto paper.ccbg_atb5 Step 5: Stamp the okra ‘flowers’ at the tip of the green stokesccbg_atb6 The final paintingccbg_atb7 I also tried creating ‘A valley of flowers’ using the same technique.ccbg_atb8 This activity will help teach your child to use interesting materials to create beautiful prints and ensure that your child finds innovative ways to express himself through art.
We are delighted to announce the release of our first book, “The Creative Toddler’s Fingerprint Art”, now available on Amazon Kindle. In this book, you will find fun & educational art activities to boost an early learner’s creativity & discovery. If you are looking for art activities for little ones, then this book has over 50 fingerprint art ideas to turn your child’s fingerprints into adorable art.

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