Kids Room Decor Ideas

Today, I’m posting a few pictures of my 3 year old Son’s room decor which I have progressively designed since the last 1 year. Here’s where we make all the endless colorful and fun creative projects that we share. Where hugs, kisses and cuddles rotate between tantrums and tears.

My goal is to make the child’s environment imaginative, cozy and warm by using a few simple DIY technics. My Son is creative and experiments with different art mediums, we began by displaying our (mine and his) artwork on one section of the living room.

See Home Art studioatb1

Recycling helps our climate problems and I adopt to recycling whenever possible. Here is Organizer shelf made out of carton boxes. See Reduce, Reuse, Recycle craft extravaganzaatb2

Re purpose Cardboard meaningfully. See Pyramid Cardboard Organizertriangle_organizer3

Basketball dunk practice and in the backdrop is a wall stickerroom3

We often hear parents asking, How do I get my kids to stop drawing on the walls!
Well, Giving your Child a dedicated Doodling space helps to a great extent.room4


Reading zoneroom6

My Son is not into soft toys, but we have few at home and organised it into one zone for a cozy feeling.atb5


We keep creating hand print and footprint art  and display it on walls ans pen stands.althingsbeautiful

Here’s some of our Recycled craftsjlid2

Play timeindependence_day3

Also see our Climate change is for real! Can I help nature to help us?

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