Celebrate Freedom! Indian Independence Day Patriotic Crafts for kids

On 15th August 1947, India achieved her independence from British rule and became a sovereign nation. The Independence Day in India is celebrated every year on the 15th of August and my today I have an Educational art post about the national symbols of India.

Have fun engaging your kids and students  make these patriotic crafts to learn about India.

India on the Map:
Located in South Asia, India is the seventh-largest country by area. Home to a multilingual and multi-ethnic society, India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Bay of Bengal on the south-east and the Arabian Sea on the south-west. The country shares its land borders with Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north-east, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east.


The Independence Day in India is a Public Day with events like Flag hosting, Parades and Cultural programs.

The National Flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolor of deep saffron, white and India green; with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre.


The philosopher Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,  described the Indian Flag’s significance as follows:
“Bhagwa or the saffron colour denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work.
The white in the centre is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct.
The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends.
The ‘Ashoka Chakra’ in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth and virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.”

The National Animal of India 
The combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India.


It’s unfortunate that as of today, all Tigers Are Endangered.
Read more: Save tigers now


The National bird of India
The Peacock, which is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love is the national bird of India. Peacock occupies a respectable position in Indian culture and is protected not only by religious sentiments but also by parliamentary statute. The Indian peacock is a colorful, swan-sized bird with a fan-shaped crest of feathers on its head, a white patch under the eye and a long-slender neck.


Happy Independence Day!

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  1. This is a wonderful, colorful collection of crafts suitable for a home based learning project for children. Thank you for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty! #ccbg 🙂

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