Play Doh Case of Colours from Funskool

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The summer vacations are on and I’m attempting to spend the time i get with my little one constructively. One method I deploy is to engage him with toys that inspire kids to unleash their imagination.

Today, I’m posting a product review:
playdoh1The Box:  Funskool Play Doh Case of Colours
The Cost: Rs.299.00
Contents: 12 tubs (50 grams each) of vibrant coloured Play-Doh
Ideal for Age group : 3 Years & Above

The play doh is soft and its easy for the little one to mould and design thier own creations

Have a look at what we moulded out of play doh in our studio!

A colorful caterpillar:playdoh2


A rainbow:

A Starfish:

The good thing about play doh is it can be reused many times as long as its softness is retained by storing in a closed container.

Verdict: Little kids love creating things with their hands and I think Funskool Play Doh Case of Colours is a great product to engage them with. My Son was excited to mould new shapes and forms using vibrant colored play doh – with a little assistance from me, he explored his imagination and created some cool things.

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