Beach themed Crafts

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Sand and seashells provide hours of family fun. On our last beach vacation, we had great fun gathering shells, watching crabs and my little one absolutely loved making sand castles.

Here’s what we created with a little beach sand and shells which we took back home from the vacation.

A vacation memory jar:beachcraft5

A sea- shell flower pot:

A jar aquarium:

A paper plate aquarium:

A seashell wreath:beachcraft3

There’s plenty of more beach crafts like jewelry, photo frames, figurines that can be made out of shells. Stay tuned for more fun crafting inspiration.

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11 thoughts on “Beach themed Crafts

  1. I absolutely adore the vacation jar! I collect a lot of shells, sea glass and rocks from our beach adventures so I love the idea of creating vacation jars. Great project to get the little ones involved too!

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